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Styling Mr. Chorge’s house: The Bedrooms

A bedroom whose interior has been styled with wooden furnishings and orange furniture and accessories.

The Bedrooms

There is nothing like a bright accent color to enliven a room! – Amanda Etty


When styling a project, an interior stylist looks after everything – from artifacts and wall art to decorative light fittings, pots, plants and planters, curtains etc. However, sometimes a stylist is boarded only after the drapes, rugs, and carpets are already done. In such situation, we have to weave our styling story around it.


And so, I styled my story in the case of Chorge Family’s bungalow.


Bedrooms are supposed to give you a relaxing experience. The master bedroom of the occupant’s bungalow was large. A grand looking bed was stationed in the room. The classic bed back stood matching with the lounge chairs in the beautiful ochre room. The color palette for the bed and other furniture was soft tones of greens grey and brown that complemented the bold ochre.


To add a little bling to the room, I chose magnificent cushions with some sequin work. Since the occupants were in a great hurry to move into the place, I had no choice but to go for the ready cushions. Before customizing the bedding with ready handpicked cushions for the bed set and lounge chairs, Mr. Nitin and I discussed with the occupants. Bringing a soothing and calming effect in the bedroom was a primary goal. For that, we kept a warm color scheme for the room and added green, grey and cream colors. The lavish area in front of the bed was zoned off using a rug in hues of gold. The crème and gold carpet formed a perfect base for seating area on the wooden floor and was well coordinated with the rest of the furniture and soft furnishing.


Scented candles – one of my favorite props- transmit positive and soothing energy. I added diffusers in the office area to infuse a calming and uplifting ambiance. Flowers and greenery showcased through cluster of pots and small plants in the corner of the room promised a nice welcome after a hard day at work! After all, flowers do bring smile to the face in a minute, I believe. An experiment with dried flowers and cones for the vases and other artifacts on the console was truly a fair decision. It added to the simplicity of the room. Lastly, a large white floor pot in the corner was kept to maximize the sense of light and space in the room.


The bedroom of the occupant’s son expressed eclectic and vibrating energy. The talented architect had created an interesting geometrical pattern in yellow corian for the wall behind the bed. The bed back was in deep blue leather – a vibrant combination! Since the drapes and the carpet were shaded in blue and white, I chose to continue with the same combination on the bed. However, to break the monotony, I added a completely out-of-the-box rust color in the form of small liner pleats of bedding.


The bed was dressed in color tones of rust and blue – to complement the animate geometrical forms – which gave a magical effect. And the magic just didn’t stop here – one entire blank wall in the room was used as a canvas to reflect the personality of scion of one of Pune’s leading food chain. Luckily the occupant’s son was involved in doing up his room. Hence, he could provide the right assistance in the selection of family photos.


I coordinated colors of blue in the floor rug and muted hues for the chairs to achieve the balance in the room. A carpet was picked to zone up the place in front of the bed and the study table since the room was huge. The area now looked spacious and not crowded. Typically, I would have liked to place a cluster of pots in the corner – 2 or 3 pots of different sizes. They help giving a character to some of the vacant corners. However, for the occupant’s son in particular, I chose to go clutter-free!