Exclusive project gallery of the interior stylist TMukul


A luxurious home styling story of Mr. Chorge

Interiors often reflect your personality! The residence of the Chorge family was a two-floor residence designed magnificently with a rich interior. The extensive use of Satvario, the furniture and partitions – it was designed and styled to be a perfect dream house. The rose gold color added the much needed bling. The house had unique artifacts and accessories, handpicked from Pune’s market. The images of this house are as beautiful as the house itself. View the image gallery of ‘Chorge House’ on the link below!

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A trendsetting home styling for Mr. Bartakke

“Our homes are the blue prints of our lives” – A statement that was rightly justified by Mr. Bartakke’s house. The house reflected the simplicity and elegance of the occupants. It was a spacious house with modern interiors. With beautiful artwork and esthetic colors, the house simply looked vibrant and gave positive energy. The images of the house show how it sparkled and shimmered with foil artwork. View the image gallery of ‘Bartakke House’ on the given link below!

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A luxurious interior styling affair at Solankis'

Styling at Solankis’ was a great experience where a coordinated color palette was maintained across the house. There was a balance created across the living room, dining area, and kitchen with soft colors. This stunning and spacious house was designed and styled with sophistication. Flowers, large-sized pots, as well as hand-picked unique artifacts, were placed across the house. The commodious house was styled elegantly. The images of this classic house are beautiful. View image gallery of ‘Solanki House’ on link below!

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An elegant interior styling tale of Tolani

Styling Tolani’s House was an interesting experience for me. It was a more like a makeover exercise where I was put in front of a unique challenge – using the existing furniture and artifacts collected by the occupants. I had to select new styling props around the existing ones to maintain synergy. The house, especially bedrooms, had an old world charm. Styling this house was not a typical experience since we used a lot of pre-curated artifacts and artwork along with a few add-ons. Yet, the result was comforting. View images of this site on the link below!

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A simple & sophisticated home styling affair at Kharmates’

We all dream to live in a house as simple and sophisticated as the house of Mr. Kharmate. It was an amazing experience accessorizing this beautiful house. Each accessory added a touch of class and grace to this magnificent house. Veneer finish was consistently seen across the house – from the living and dining rooms to all the four bedrooms. While the interiors of this house were startling, the view from each room was breathtaking. Check the image gallery of this classy house on the link below!

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