Interior Styling

A customised residential space in a house with personality is everyone’s dream. We are here to design and deliver modern age homes. Every minute detail shall be taken care of by us to style every corner of your residence including the artifacts and ambient lights.

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Commercial Styling

An exciting work ambience with a suitable interior decor is very important for efficient results. We provide customisation and styling of workspaces according to the brand requirements. Sometimes it’s your workspace that speaks about your work, reflecting your ideas and visions.

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I have always believed that an aesthetic change should be something that is appealing to the customer.I make sure that the final product is a concoction of the client’s requirements as well as the stylist’s ideas

– Mukul Talwalkar

About The Stylist

It was 08 years ago that an interior designer with 15 years of experience came up with an idea of interior styling. This idea was brought into existence after she realised the need for a proper touch, final finishing, and personalisation of a particular space.

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  • Best interior styling
    Dining Area
  • Gallery decoration by tmukul
  • Best bedroom decorator in pune
    Bedroom 2
  • Interior styling of bedroom
  • An elegant dining room, decorated in pure white furnishings and gold accent pieces.
    Dining Room
  • A modern living room decorated with glass furnishings and accessories in a monochrome color scheme.
    Living Room
  • A beautiful centrepiece arrangements created from white frangipani flowers and grey candle holders.
  • A bright bedroom whose interior has been styled with wooden furnishings and neutral tones of beige and white.
    Bedroom 3
  • Bedroom 4
  • A bedroom furnished with wooden furniture with a television and colourful artifacts.
    Bedroom 5
  • A bespoke kitchen whose interior has been styled and fitted with marble countertops and colorful furnishings.
  • A simple arrangement on a bedside table, decorated with photo frames and a warm yellow lamp.
    Lamp & Photoframe
  • A warm decorated corner of the living room with flowers and a unique lighting fixture.
    Living Area
  • Houses decoration in pune
    Living Room 2
  • Home styling by tmukul
    Living Room 4
  • A contemporary living room, decorated in glass furnishings and warm neutral tones.
    Living Room 5
  • A plush living room, styled with darker toned furnishings and warm yellow lighting.
    Living Room 6
  • A blue bedroom wall furnished with wooden furniture with a television and colourful artifacts.
    Bedroom 6
  • A cozy bedroom whose interior has been styled with muted colours and wooden panelling.
    Bedroom 7

Why Choose Us



We provide the space, a holistic & distinctive look with a creative touch based on the needs, taste & the thought process of the client.



Setting a trend of specialization in Interior Styling or accessorizing through the artists’ hands would be more value added for the client, which is our forte.


New Look

We give a space an entirely new look, recreating its persona through soft furnishing, artifacts, photo frames, decorative light fittings and a lot more.