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Establish a vogue of artistic influence around you

TMukulHomeStyling was established in 2008 with an exclusive idea of accessorising, adorning, and personalising distinctive spaces. This is possible by the fusion of creativity and expertise of an interior designer and an interior stylist.

Achieving that picture perfect finish for a home, office, or any other commercial project is the ultimate goal of this firm.

Coordinated artifacts and accessories not only personalise spaces but they also bring forth the decor. We select and organise them for speaking volumes about their proud owners and reflect their lifestyle and personality.

But accessorising is not about arranging all beautiful things together. Only after a thorough study of existing areas, furniture style, textures, colours etc. and right selection from a good source, a balanced and coordinated effect is achieved. We promise to deliver that balance and coordination.

Our extensive excercise includes

  • Studying the given spaces.
  • Meeting with the clients.
  • Understanding the clientโ€™s lifestyle, interests, and hobbies.
  • Collecting information such as likes, dislikes and preferences of the client.