Interior Styling Services

Add greater value to your space
through the perfect blend of Style & Art

Accessorising is an extended hand to the field of interior designing and home decoration. Mukul Talwalkar’s approach is unique wherein the sites are evaluated along with the clients’ requirements. Their lifestyles, interests, hobbies, and profession of all the family members are understood, to start with. According to their personalities, value-adding designer items are infused in recreating their homes.

Mukul Talwalkar follows 3 simple steps in her approach:
1. Studying the site.
2. Understand the vision of the interior designer.
3. Creating pleasant designer surroundings and moods in the provided spaces.

Her approach to styling comprises of the following:

  • There is a hint of modern, contemporary, traditional contemporary, baroque and so on, in her approach to styling.
  • For delivering the best, artists and artisan specialised in their fields are approached and collaborated with.
  • Various trusted vendors help us identify and choose artifacts, accessories, art pieces, and other materials.
  • We keep in mind what our clients precisely needs and merge the inputs of an interior designer with ours to style and accessorise your spaces.
  • To help eradicate your confusions, we lay different plans via pictures, samples, swatches, and photographs for references.

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