About Mukul Talwalkar

About the Interior Stylist

It was 08 years ago that an interior designer with 15 years of experience came up with an idea of interior styling. This idea was brought into existence after she realised the need for a proper touch, final finishing, and personalisation of a particular space. According to her, style and glamour go hand in hand. Interior designing and styling needs to complement the clientโ€™s habits and needs like reading, eating, and even socialising. She wishes to fuel your passion via the interior decor. The mind that is behind this ideology who wants to help coordinate beautiful imaginative furniture and accessories for inspired living spaces is Mukul Talwalkar. The exclusivity of her work is reflected in the selection of the design, specialised creative services involved, and total time dedicated in coordinating the same to achieve the desired effect.

Creating a personality for your space

    • Pure forms, textures, colours and subtle details of design along with a good use of art and artwork are essential elements of interior styling.
    • Our homes and workplaces are the blueprints of our lives and it is important for you to understand them better, aesthetically and functionally.
    • Interior styling involves in revamping the spaces through visual appeal with furniture pieces, accent lights, and artwork.
    • Accessories are assigned with a purpose and they have to be incongruous with their surroundings. They should be neither too loud asking for too much attention nor too subtle so as to miss the eye completely.

As an Interior Styling Consultant

    • As an interior designer, she has a vision of bringing out the individuality of an occupant and their space through innovative and intelligent design.
    • Client discussion is necessary to develop ideas and themes to fulfil their requirements as per their personality traits and expectations.
    • For the your million dollar smile, we design you a budget friendly million dollar home. Perhaps, every corner of your home should replicate your dream house.