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Styling Mr. Chorge’s house: Living Room

Living Room
A spacious and personalized living room with white furnishings and rose gold toned accent pieces.

Living Room

The interiors of your house or workspace are a natural projection of your inner soul!


They often reflect your personality and it is thus important to work closely with the occupants. Working around them helps in understanding more than just their lifestyle – you can learn their preferences, tastes and much more. This makes a difference in finding the right elements to enhance the interiors whilst keeping in mind the occupants’ nature.


While working on the residence of the Chorge family, working closely with the occupants was not an option. Their physical unavailability made it difficult to understand the lifestyle that had to be projected through artifacts. However, I was provided with complete assistance by their interior designer Nitin Tawal. Nitin’s work on the residence was flawless. The two-floor residence looked magnificent with a rich interior. The furniture was well-appointed and the material used for the flooring and walls looked elegant. Nitin seemed to be the perfect principle architect and interior designer for the project. I was able to gather inputs about the material and furniture from Nitin. He even shared his idea about the site that evolved around the lifestyle of the occupants.


To immerse every corner of the house with a sense of belonging we started at its entrance. Mr. Chorge’s handwritten poetry pertaining to his new home was framed at the entrance to artistically display their emotions towards the house.


Mr. Chorge had his office on ground floor of the residence. It had a gratifying view of the garden through the long glass window. Sleek walnut-toned furniture with rust color sofas was occupied the space inside the office room. The wall behind the sofa seemed empty. I used an abstract of 3’ x 2’ on the wall to bring warn and vibrant energy in to room. Offices need positive and encouraging vibes. Flowers and plants are perfect for enlightening the aura of a room. Hence, I selected some flowers in a vase for the room. The glass wall showed the beautiful outdoor landscape. We used the space near this glass wall with a large floor pot with dry bamboo sticks to give a modest look to the office room. Lastly, some office worthy artifacts and stationary completed the room.


The work on the first floor was exquisite! On reaching the first floor, you walk into a breathtaking living room that has an extensive use of Satvario on the floor. This helped in maximizing the sense of light and space in the room. I observed keenly how the Nitin cleverly designed the landscape with fine wooden fins.


Here awaited a challenge – how to coalesce the furniture like sofas, corner and center tables, etc. as one and give an identity to each sofa seating? For that, I decided to use pros like cushions and carpets to magnify the space converting each area into a cozy bay. Color blue dominated the living room in the form of a three-seater-sofa set. To contrast with the color, I picked rich velvet fabric in shades of deep blue, aqua marine, and grey in cushions, offsetting well against the white and blue sofa.


The furniture and partitions in the bungalow, brought from China had a rose gold color. This successfully added the much needed bling to the radiant interiors. I ensured the uniformity of metallic finish through artifacts and accessories that were handpicked from Pune’s local market. Since the display unit had plenty of interesting nooks and corners, an arrangement of array of books, candles, and artifacts seemed fulfilling. They really animate and liven up the static areas. I was also able to find plenty of creative place mats for center table tops for coffee mugs, trays, and artifacts.


In larger spaces like this bungalow where the height and the width of the room are large, the corners look empty and demand attention. Hence, I ordered tall plants of Canna variety with large leaves. These large potted plants added greenery to the space making it more breathable.


As a final touch in the living room, a photo collage on the extreme wall fit perfectly. All the photos will tell a story that would bring back fond memories!