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Unwind in a spacious room, starting from 41 sq.m. Room Nights: Rooms blocked or occupied multiplied by the number of nights the rooms are reserved. Market Share: A percentage of business within a market category. Another word for hotel. Get all the support you want for your events because we know hospitality matters. Yes, The W Hotel does have fully refundable rooms available to book on our site, which can be cancelled up to a few days before check-in. Also known as ‘ADS’ (Alternate Distribution System). B&B – Rates that include Bed and Breakfast. Crescent-Round Setup: Seats occupy only about two thirds of  a table so that no attendees have backs to the speaker. Agenda: The items or unfoldings that comprise the “to-do list” or schedule of an event. Launched in 1998 in New York, W Hotels is a luxury hotel chain owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide that is generally marketed toward a younger crowd. Don’t know your ADRs from your FITs? Refurbishment – The process of restoring, renovating or modernising a hotels rooms or public areas to bring them up to a certain standard. Market Segments: An identified group in an overall market to which a specific service appeals. Closing Ratio: The percentage of calls to contacts resulting in a verified sale. W Hotels The Store. Check Out – The process by which a guest settles their bill and hands back any key/keycards. FOH (or Front of House) – Generally refers to guest facing staff within the reception area of the hotel. CDP1 – Chef de Partie (in charge of a particular area of production within the kitchen). A 3rd party who often sells a hotels room inventory on their behalf (and is paid a commission for any bookings referred) Examples of some of the main OTA’s include Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com etc. Here are some of the hotel Staff Lingo fond at some of these hotels: Hotel Chandler, New York Skipper : Someone who makes a reservation but never shows up for their stay. C&B (or C and B) – Conference and Banqueting. Merchant Rate: A business model used by OTAs to markup hotel net rates to sell to the public. It also includes, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruises, and more. Day Guests: Guests who arrive and depart the same day. GOPPAR – Gross Operation Profit Per Available Room. This list may not reflect recent changes (). PDQ – Payment terminals that allow merchants to ‘Process Data Quickly’, PIP – Property Improvement Plan (refurbishment), Post-Con – Post Convention Meeting – a debriefing meeting held following the event. No room has been allocated to a guest before arrival, so they will get any room available on arrival OR a flat rate for which a hotel agrees to offer any of its available rooms. Late Arrival – Guests that advise they will be later than the agreed time of arrival. Group Demand: Group business predicted for a specific period or date. CRS: Acronym for central reservation system. Owner’s Total Investment: Includes total amounts spent to acquire, develop, construct, and finance the hotel. Content management system used to distribute static information about hotels to 3rd parties including GDS (Global Distribution Systems), OTA (Online Travel Agents), IDS (Internet Distribution Systems) and others. RDR – Residential Delegate Rate (per person rate for conference room hire, refreshments, catering including overnight accommodation). CMP – Complete Meeting Package – a per person charge, usually with a conference center, that includes the individual’s room, food and beverage, and proportional share of all other charges (room rental, technology, etc. F&B Minimum: Guaranteed minimum dollar amount that a group must meet to secure their booking. Fenced rate: Rate that is contingent on certain requirements being fulfilled by the booking party. The Hotel is only a few steps away from BTS Sky Train, 2 stations away from Bangkok’s largest shopping centers. Generally, no seats will have backs to the stage. Short Lead – refers to bookings made at short notice (e.g on the day of arrival or within a few days of arrival). This might be via telephone, website, email etc. ), CMS – Content Management System (used to update websites) or Contract Management System (keeps track of contracts and agreements). Length of Stay (LOS): Total nights that a guest spends with a hotel. Scout Lead: A research tool to scope out potential sale lead. Loyalty Programme – A rewards programme for those that stay at the hotel regularly. Generally used to quickly transform a meeting setup into a banquet setup. Lead Conversion: A lead that has been changed into an account, contact, or potential sale. Opaque Model – Business model where the consumer does not know which product or brand being booked before they purchase it. Mattress Run: A traveler who is staying a number of nights in order to rack up points for their frequent stay program specific to that hotel chain. Act of God: Natural disaster that could not have been predicted at the time of the contract signing. Ltd. (“MBS”) and you. Subjects of comparing could include product/service, room rate, or quality. Domestic Travellers/Tourism – Residents that travel within their own country. Green Hotels – Generally refers to hotels making an active effort to operate sustainably and reduce their environmental impact. Pitfalls: A danger or problem that is hidden or unexpected. They know the rate, but not the product. Unconference: Conference where the agenda is dictated in real-time by participants. Lingo Restaurant and Wine Bar, Shanghai: See 66 unbiased reviews of Lingo Restaurant and Wine Bar, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #1,340 of … Extranet: Back-end of a hotel sales website allowing hotels to log in and enter all their rates, availability, and restrictions. Lead Time – The length of time between when a booking is made and the actual stay date. The hotel can also provide congress services in … By signing up you agree to receive emails from Hotel Speak and select partners. Occ (or Occupancy) – The rate of occupation of a hotels total rooms, at any given time. House count – The number of persons registered in a hotel on a specific night. Icon: A famous landmark or facility associated with the destination. Our hospitlaity dictionary explains the meaning of 500+ words, terms, abbreviations and acronyms. Previous visitors were wowed by the hotel… Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Very Important Person (VIP): Individual who should receive special or elevated treatment based on their role or relationship to an event. audio visual but are contracted elsewhere. Leisure Guest – Those travelling for pleasure. Head Chef – in charge of the kitchen, including Sous Chef(s), Chef de Partie(s) and Commis Chef(s). Ecotourism: A responsible way of traveling to natural areas that conserve the environment and sustains the well-being of local people. Amadeus – A common GDS (Global Distribution System), ATL – Above The Line (generally refers to mass marketing campaigns to drive awareness), ARR – Average Room Rate (Total room revenues divided by the number of rooms occupied, excluding any rooms offered complimentary). Also known as Net RevPAR. History. Competitor – A rival hotel group or individual property. Outside Vendor: Any supplier that is not in-house nor a preferred vendor of the hotel. CMP – Certified Meeting Professional – an internationally recognised credential conferred upon an individual by the Convention Industry Council. Upsell – Process by which a guest is offered (at a cost) additional services or upgrades (often at the point of purchase or upon arrival to the hotel). Blazing fast internet speeds Up to 400Mbps with no caps on Data Usage. Lobby lizard : A member of the staff who greets and assists guests in the lobby during busy check-in and checkout times. Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue. Qualifying Questions: Particular questions from hotels used to examine potential business. W Hotels Insider Access to What’s New / Next Combining the personality and cutting-edge style of a boutique hotel with distinct positioning, W Hotels® created an entirely new segment in the hotel industry when it launched in the late 1990s in New York City. Such charges may also be applied to other products or services the hotel offers i.e. : What … Channel Management – The process a hotel uses to update ARI (Availability, Rates and Inventory) in various distribution channels. Boutique Hotels: Smaller luxury hotels that separate themselves from large competitors by their service and product offering. BSC – Balanced Scorecard. Transient Occupancy Tax: City or County tax added to the price of a hotel room. Mystery Guest – A quality control measure whereby an undercover employee (usually of an external organisation) poses as a guest to evaluate the performance of a hotel. Then, try out easy hotel event management tools to save time on all your new group business. Cooperative Partner: An independent organization that works alongside a tourism office by providing donations or cash to increase the marketing impact of the tourism office’s program. Room Revenue Multiplier – A multiplier used in determining the value of hotels. Stop Sell: The act of stopping the hotel from being booked on distribution channels, used when hotel is sold out during a certain time period. These may include receptionists, concierge and room porters. Usually communicated as a number of rooms or percentage of total rooms available. Sequel, Trilogy or Stand Alone Movie IV? Talking in terms of RRM helps level the playing field when discussing different types of hotels. IDS – Internet Distribution System. (307) 532-1033. Main course is presented on a tray to the host at the table. Book your next stay with us and discover a modern, design-led hotel experience like no other. Used as a KPI to monitor operating costs. … Demand: Anticipated business for a set period in the future. Sales Yield: The income or profit arising from sales. HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Networking Association) administers the list of available chain codes. Pax: Another term for number of people or passengers. Smith Travel Research (STR) Rate: A series of reports, monthly, weekly, or daily, tracking supply and demand data for the hotel industry. Voice: Taking a hotel reservation over the phone. Business Guest/Traveller – Those travelling for business. Shoulder Season: Period adjacent to the peak season with lower occupancy, but not the lowest occupancy of the year. Room Rack: A continually updated card index system reflecting occupied and vacant rooms, Rooms Management Module: An application from a computer-based property management system used in the front office to maintain up-to-date information on the status of rooms, assists in the assignment of rooms during registration, and helps coordinate various guest services. How to increase brand awareness through consistency; Dec. 11, 2020 Trial Close: A technique used to close a sale by ensuring the stakeholder understands the conditions of purchase and is serious about buying. Cover – Refers to diners within a restaurant. (e.g. EPO / IPO – Each Pays Own, Individual Pays Own. Chatbots – a chatbot, also known as a chatterbot, talkbot, artificial conversational entity is a service that simulates the behaviour of a human within a conversational environment. Décor: Lighting, table sets, props, and other elements used to create an aesthetic theme for an event. Average Published Rate (APR): A rate taken by averaging all types of hotel rooms throughout the year according to high or low season. Convention Services Manager (CSM): Individual at hotel who oversees event operations. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Second Tier City: More appropriately referred to as a midsize city. Forecast: An analysis that renders revenue expectations for an upcoming period. C&I (or C and I) – Conference and Incentive bookings. They may request details of the hotel’s carbon footprint etc. Independent Hotel: A hotel with no affiliation with a franchise or chain. Lingos hotel provides a variety of rooms and suites that are decorated in the traditional classic styles. Fam Tour/Trip – Familiarisation tours/trips generally refer to complimentary stays for corporate guests who may be considering using the hotel for their organisation (accommodation, conferences etc.). Common GDS include Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus. Advance Order: Order placed prior the move-in date for an exhibition. KPI (Key Performance Indicator): Metric widely used as a measurement of business performance. Seamlessly manage and optimize group sales performance across your entire portfolio. Double Occupancy (DBL): The hotel rate covers up to 2 people in the room. RO – Room Only (rate is for accommodation only). 13aprAll Day14FeaturedDirect Booking Summit Berlin 2021InterContinental Berlin, Budapester Str. W Residences sets the new standard in extraordinary, hotel-inspired living, where ownership perks are second to none. BTL – Below The Line (generally refers to niche marketing campaigns focused on return on investment). House Count: The total guest occupancy of a hotel at any given moment. A target against which success can be measured. This may be at an agreed ‘Late Check Out’ fee. best ways to advertise your event venue online, how to increase traffic to your hotel website, ← 20 Event Planning Hashtags for Hospitality Professionals, Top 4 Event Planning Companies in Houston →, Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CCPA Required). Unconstrained Demand: The demand for a hotel regardless of any capacity limitations. Feeder City: A distant city that attracts travelers to gateway cities. Benchmarking – comparing your hotel against competitors. Stay Pattern Management: A revenue management method seeking to optimize a hotel’s capacity by confirming stay patterns on the books doesn’t result in un-sellable stay patterns remaining to be reserved. However, each sector has its own “lingo” that isn’t familiar to all those in the hospitality industry. Also known as IDS (Internet Distribution System). Hotel representative – A member of the marketing and sales department of the hotel who actively seeks out group activities planner. Competitive Set: A group of hotels by which a property can compare itself to a competitor’s performance as a whole. Gross Operating Profit (GOP): The result of the hotel’s gross operating revenue, minus gross operating expenses. RevPAR – Room Revenue, Per Available Room. Revenue Per Available Square Foot (REVPAS): A metric that used to calculate the performance of a hotel in regards to event space bookings. Signature linens, plush pillows and duvet comforters create the ultimate repose. To make... Online bookings make up almost 63% of the travel and tourism segment’s revenue annually. Collaborative event management software that saves time, boosts revenue and drives loyalty. Pages in category "Hotel terminology" The following 30 pages are in this category, out of 30 total. Group Rates – Negotiated rates (usually discounted against standard rates) for group travel. Turn: The process of completely changing a meeting room set-up from one event to the next. Popular Quizzes Today. Brown logo Luxury logo W logo. KPI – Key Performance Indicator. Wholesaler: A third-party organization that sells hotel rooms such as sites, distribution channels, extranets, or merchants. Lanai: A room that has a balcony or patio with an overlook of water or garden. Booking Pace: Average speed of individual bookings between group booking date and arrival date. Incentive Travel: A prized or rewarded trip to stimulate the productivity of employees. Banquet: Dinner for numerous people that is generally ceremonial in nature. Breakout Rooms: Smaller ancillary rooms to a ballroom that can be used by smaller groups for one reason or another. W Hotels was launched in 1998 with W New York, a conversion of the former Doral Inn hotel on Lexington Avenue, Manhattan. Drop us an email (editor@hotelspeak.com) and we’ll add it in! Heads in Beds: The hospitality industry’s reason for existence, to sell hotel rooms and increase the occupancy rate of the hotel. NS (or No Show) – A guest who doesn’t show up, despite having a reservation. InterActiveCorp (IAC): A U.S. company that owns various online travel-related businesses. Confidential Tariff: Discounted prices solely quoted to wholesalers, tour operators, and travel agents (unavailable for public use). Hollow Circle Setup: Circular room arrangement in which tables/chairs all face one another. Inventory (relative to hotel distribution): Rooms available the hotel has to sell across all channels. Lingo is a network service provider with options for landline and mobile voice services, VoIP and broadband internet services for small- to medium-sized businesses and residential customers. Room Only – A rate for the room only, no extras included. UGC – User Generated Content. E.g) They may require a hotel to provide a response to a RFP to outline negotiated rates for the following year. Alternative Availability – Displaying other available properties when the requested property is unavailable for sale. That is obviously not the norm. Check In – The process by which a guests registers their arrival at a hotel and receives their key/keycards. Extranet – A secured connection between two or more intranets between two companies. © 2014-2020 Hotel Speak, All Rights Reserved. Limited Service – A hotel that may not offer the full range of services typically expected of a hotel. JD Power: A company that conducts guest satisfaction surveys. Yield Management – The practice of raising or lowering prices based on demand. Prezi’s Big Ideas 2021: Expert advice for the new year; Dec. 15, 2020. Commonly automated to include pre and post stay elements, along with loyalty programmes etc. Sustainable Tourism – Generally refers to environmentally conscious hoteliers/guests. MICE: Industry acronym for Meetings, incentives, Conference, & Exhibitions. Read more on hotel chatbots here. Experience sound like you’ve never felt it before at Wake Up Call®: A W Hotels Music Festival®. Minimum Acceptable Rate (MAR): Lowest rate that a hotel will accept from a group, determined via displacement analysis. The Xotels Glossary clarifies hotel and revenue management terminology. Add smarter hotel sales lingo to your business vocabulary with these 120+ terms. The gross room revenue is divided by the amount of rooms to calculate the RevPAR – a common figure used to benchmark performance (based on rates and hotel occupancy levels). Trade Show: Industry-specific exhibition of products or services. Commonly associated with rate parity, but can include room type, content parity etc. RevPar: Revenue per available room calculated on the number of rooms available to sell in a hotel. Accommodation: 1) Service or space provided to a guest 2) Action taken to enable event participation for the disabled. The system that facilitates the booking of rooms, conference etc. Commonly used by OTAs (Online Travel Agents), wholesalers and tour operators. Channel Management – The process a hotel uses to update ARI in various distribution channels. Room Block: A specific set or count of rooms that are reserved for guests in a group. Squatters – A person who stays in a hotel room beyond their booking duration, usually without payment or remuneration. Receptive Operator: Specialists who handle arrangements for incoming visitors, such as airport transfers, restaurants, and accommodations. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): System used to track customer information and leads for a business. Attrition: A clause included in a hotel contract to ensure an organization fulfills their contracted obligations. Indulge yourself everyday. Dec. 30, 2020. Full Board: A rate that includes a bed and covers all standard meals. Best Available Rate (BAR): A pricing system used by hotels to define a rate based on the demand and occupancy of a room. Hot Buttons: An issue that evokes emotional reactions, issues, and legal principles in hotel contracts that causes friction between planners and suppliers. Refer to our Privacy Policy or contact us at privacy@cvent.com for more details. All rooms and suites are smoke-free. GDS – Global Distribution System. Marriott is gearing up to open two W hotels in the US in the coming months, as the brand welcomes properties in Nashville and Philadelphia. Just make sure to check this property's cancellation policy for the exact terms and conditions. Offsite: A company meeting or function that occurs off company grounds and requires external space. Submitted by professionals in the hotel and planner side of hospitality, these were the most common hotel acronyms and abbreviations that professionals need to know. Often they’ll pay a higher rate (even Rack Rate) accordingly. C&E (or C and E) – Conference and Events. Hollow Square Setup: Rectangular room arrangement in which tables/chairs all face one another. DDR – Day/Daily Delegate Rate (per person rate for conference room hire, refreshments, catering etc.). Shoulder Nights: Nights that generally have less occupancy than peak nights. Yield – Hotel’s profit margin when a room is sold (less any commissions etc.). Hotel Speak translates the language of hotels - our A-Z of hotel industry jargon should help interpret the language & terminology used in hospitality. Z Hotel: A boutique hotel set in various locations around the world. Protected: A guarantee from a supplier or wholesaler to reimburse an agent commission and client on prepaid confirmed bookings, regardless of cancellation. Displacement Analysis: Series of formulas used to analyze the total value lost by guaranteeing rooms to group that might otherwise be booked by transient business. Previous: Ramada logo. Acceleration Clause: Contract provision that accelerates deposit payment or increases prepayment in case of default or lack of credit. Diagram events, wow attendees, and win clients with free planning tools. PPPN: Industry acronym for per person, per night. Programme: A schedule that gives the details and times for pieces of the event agenda. AGOP – Adjusted Gross Operating Profit (equal to the gross operating profit minus the hotel management base fee and any additional expenses), Allocation – usually refers to an ‘allocation of rooms’ (e.g a conference may have an allocation of rooms at an agreed rate). Room Night(s) – Essentially refers to an occupied room. Hotelligence: Historical electronic booking data reports from Global Distribution Systems (GDS) that include information on rates and length of stay patterns, business sources, for their local competitive sets, and individual subscriber properties. Some businesses have actually thrived and grown during the pandemic. Transient Demand: Prediction for business from the transient segment for an upcoming period.

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